the artist
I was born Jennifer Ann McGill. The surname McGill is Gaelic for “Son of the Stranger”. Sounds a bit mysterious, yes?  And, a strange but true story.  Ironically, I am the daughter of an artist whom I never knew.  In fact, I was a senior in high school when I learned my biological father was a professional artist, which was pretty mind blowing at the time. With this revelation I found a real purpose as an artist.  Art schools, awards and scholarships were the catalyst for a lifetime love of art.

I began an adventure to uncover the McGill mystery.  This mystery would take me from Los Angeles to Cleveland, and Chicago.  I discovered my father and I both attended The Art Institute of Chicago 45 years apart.  What were the chances?  The father I never knew would also share a love of architecture, interior design, flora, fauna, color palettes, music and writing.  I am left handed too, another McGill trait.

Before this story begins to sound too sad or depressing, my Mom married an amazing man who adopted me, and he was the only one I called Dad.  I grew up in a healthy, happy home to which I give credit for any success.  My passion for drawing and painting was a seed planted by biology but nurtured by ever present and encouraging parents.  My Dad was a pilot who gave the gift of adventure. Seeking stories, witnessing where and how others live is inspiring; so, when Mom and Dad decided to relocate to the beautiful Northwest, I enthusiastically followed and have called it home ever since.

I am a Painter who lives in Skagit Valley. I am the first artist to paint a series of Skagit County, titled Skagit Gems. Skagit is chock-full of iconic architecture and pristine nature.  My purpose is to showcase the beautiful Northwest through painting.