the artist
I was born Jennifer Ann McGill.   The surname McGill is Gaelic for “Son of the Stranger”. Sounds a bit mysterious, yes? And, a strange but true story.  Ironically, I am the daughter of an artist I never knew. During my senior year of high school I learned my biological father was a professional artist, which was pretty mind blowing at the time. With this revelation I found purpose as an artist. Art schools, awards and scholarships were the catalyst for a lifetime love of art.   

I began an adventure to uncover the McGill mystery.   This mystery would take me from Los Angeles to Cleveland, and Chicago.  I discovered my father and I both attended The Art Institute of Chicago 45 years apart.  What were the chances?  The father I never knew would also share a love of architecture, interior design, flora, fauna, color palettes, music and writing.  I am left handed too, another McGill trait.
Before this story begins to sound too sad, my Mom married an amazing man who adopted me.  My passion for drawing and painting was a seed planted by biology but nurtured by ever present and encouraging parents. Dad was a pilot, who gave the gift of adventure. Seeking stories, witnessing where and how others live is inspiring; so, when Mom and Dad decided to relocate to the beautiful Northwest, I enthusiastically followed and have called it home ever since.

I am a Painter who lives in Skagit Valley. I am the first artist to paint a series of Skagit County, titled Skagit Gems. Skagit is chock-full of iconic architecture and pristine nature.  My purpose is to showcase the beautiful Northwest through painting.

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