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We Have It

We Have It


We Have It | 16" x 20" | Oil on linen // The sign plainly says, “ASK FOR IT, WE HAVE IT”. Anacortes Marine Supply & Hardware is famous for a bit of This & That. This store is one part practical, one part antiques, and a dash of museum magic. This magorium-emporium is for hunter and gatherer alike. All who wander will find something interesting here. Get a little lost inside the store, and find a story of an emigrant’s dream of a better life. Efthemios “Mike” Demopoulos emigrated to the US in 1906 and only four years later opened the “Anacortes Junk Co.” In 1913, the company became “Marine Supply & Hardware” as we know it today. The outside of the store has a story too. Anacortes resident-artist Bill Mitchell, is responsible for over 150 murals, wow! Two of which are included in this painting. Bill’s work is a big part of the history and architecture in beautiful Anacortes, WA.

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